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I'm trying to use Logback JMX in my application to allow me to change the 
configuration at runtime. 

I've created client code that can retrieve the JMX bean, and am able to 
invoke the JMX bean to get/set logging levels. 

This works just fine on one single server. However, my application is 
deployed on a cluster of two servers. When invoking the JMXConfigurator, 
it only modifies the logging configuration on the particular server that I 
happened to connect to for that http request, but does not modify the 
configuration on the other clustered server. 

Am I missing something, or is there no way to have one JMX call update the 
logback configuration on all clustered servers? Am I perhaps retrieving 
the JMX bean incorrectly for a clustered environment? Any help would be 
greatly appreciated. 

Here is the client code I am using to access the JMX bean: 

String contextName = "myContextName"; 
String objectNameStr = 
javax.management.ObjectName objectName = new 
javax.management.MBeanServer mbs = 
mbean = javax.management.JMX.newMBeanProxy(mbs, objectName, 
JMXConfiguratorMBean.class, true); 
mbean.setLoggerLevel("myLogger", "debug"); 

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