[logback-user] JMX on a WebSphere clustered environment

Christopher.White at bbh.com Christopher.White at bbh.com
Thu May 31 17:53:57 CEST 2012

Thank you for these great ideas! I will take a look at both of these 
options in more detail.

I'm not a fan of tying myself to WebSphere, but I do like the idea of 
using a common cache mechanism over making manual modifications to an xml 
file (and having to make sure that the single xml file is available to 
both servers...which would require a significant change to how our 
applications are packaged and deployed).

I think I am also going to investigate the possibility of creating an 
external application that will allow me to connect to any remote JMX 
MBeanServer and change the logging as needed. The user will have to 
provide the connection information, but will be ok as long as they can 
access any server they want from this single application (providing our 
company's infrastructure will allow and support this).


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On 31.05.2012 13:07, ceki wrote:
> You could separate appender configuration and logger level configuration
> into separate files [1]. The main file would define appenders and would
> include the logger level file which you could maintain programmatically
> (just dump the logger level settings to the logger level config file
> upon change).

When the user makes a level change using the UI you provide, make the 
level change programmatically and then dump the current logger state 
into the config file reserved for setting logger levels. The other 
instances will pickup the change in the included config file (reserved 
for setting logger levels).

Dumping the current state should be as easy as iterating over all the 
loggers and then writing XML elements such as

  <logger name="a" level="INFO"/>

I'd be happy to help if you wish to go along this route.

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