[logback-user] How to send one event to more than one appender using the SiftingAppender?

Konstantinidis, Johannes johannes.konstantinidis at capgemini.com
Thu Apr 18 19:35:21 CEST 2013

Hi all,

I have the following situation:
I have log statements which are marked in any way (f.i. the MDC contains a special entry "id=47") and in addition there are log statements without a mark. Now I want to split the marked statements into files using the SiftingAppender, for example, resulting in files like "foo-47.log, foo-0815.log". But in addition I want to add every unmarked statement to all files.

The result should be something like
01.01.2013 12:00:00.000 [47] This is a log entry for ID 47
01.01.2013 12:00:00.002 [] This is a log entry for all IDs

01.01.2013 12:00:00.001 [0815] This is a log entry for ID 0815
01.01.2013 12:00:00.002 [] This is a log entry for all IDs

So the point is to select one appender using the discriminating value or all appenders in case of the default value.

As I haven't found a standard solution my idea is to subclass the SiftingAppender and

-          add methods to register/deregister values which are used in case of the discriminator returning the default value

-          add handling for more than one appender

Are there any concerns about that? F.i, is the logging event changed in a way that it can't be reused?

There may be some problems, because the SiftingAppenderBase contains some package-private code and the code for retrieving the discriminator value and finding the appender is within one method, referencing package-private variables.

Any ideas, comments, pitfalls?

Thanks in advance


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