[logback-user] How to programmatically find an appender for a logger?

Konstantinidis, Johannes johannes.konstantinidis at capgemini.com
Tue Apr 23 12:32:25 CEST 2013

Hi all,

anybody with an idea?

I apologize for my impatience. :)

Btw: Is there a way to access an appender directly, without a logger?


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Betreff: [logback-user] How to programmatically find an appender for a logger?

Hi all,

I have a custom appender and sometimes I want to change its configuration at runtime.

I would expect that the appenders are inherited in the same way as the log level. So when I get a Logger for "com.mycompany.foo" and ask for the log level, and I've specified the log level only for the root logger, then I get this log level. But when I ask the same logger for a specific appender (via myLogger.getAppender("myAppender")) and the appender is referenced by the root logger, then I get nothing. It seems that I have to know which logger references the appender.

To me this doesn't seem right. Where is my mistake?

If I could access the parent logger, then I might climb up the hierarchy and ask the parent loggers for the appender. But I also haven't found a method to get the parent logger.



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