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Hontvári József Levente hontvari at flyordie.com
Mon Jan 7 03:48:39 CET 2013

I did not made the decision, but I know from my experience, that as you 
increase the number of log levels, their meaning become very subjective. 
The severity of the current set of levels in Logback can be understand 
relatively easily and the fixed set provides interoperability between 
different tools, applications and libraries.

For example, syslog has four sublevels for errors: Emergency, Alert, 
Critical, Error. A developer has no chance to determine in advance what 
error conditions will count as an Emergency, which will require Alert 
procedures, which error conditions are critical and which ones are 
errors, but non-critical. He cannot even establish a specific order 
between error conditions, because that is, again, site specific and even 
within a single site it will change over time. Moreover, developers will 
differ. What seems to be Critical for one developer of one applicaton 
will be Emergency for another developer of another application/library.

Assignment of administration procedures to specific conditions should be 
configured in tools, not hard coded in source code.

On 2013.01.06. 23:15, Mark Petrovic wrote:
> Thanks.
> My question is not how I work around a finite and inextensible set of Levels, but why the design decision to make Levels  final at all.
> On Jan 6, 2013, at 1:05 PM, ceki <ceki at qos.ch> wrote:
>> Instead of levels, you can tag log statements with markers which are part of the SLF4J API. See [1] and [2].
>> [1] http://tinyurl.com/a5jogy8
>> [2] http://www.slf4j.org/api/org/slf4j/Marker.html
>> On 06.01.2013 20:49, Mark Petrovic wrote:
>>>> In Logback, Levels are final, meaning one cannot extend them to create
>>>> new levels.  I have no problem with this, but my users are wondering
>>>> about it.  Can you explain?
>>>> Thank you.
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