[logback-user] Logging the JARs name

Ewgenij Sokolovski ewgenijkkg at gmx.de
Fri Jul 5 08:55:49 CEST 2013

Hello, community. I use logback in OSGI environemnt. But actually the question is not only OSGI related.

So, I have a JAR / Bundle with my subprogram. The bundle runs in an OSGI framework together with other bundles. What I want is that all logs of my bundle are marked with the bundle name, so that it becomes easier to read the log file afterwards. Consider that other bundle also log into the same file. Logback provides the ability to log class names of the callers, but that is not what I want. I got lots of classes in my application, but I want to see whether the log was generated by my bundle or not at first.

What would be the best way to accomplish that? Is it possible anyway?


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