[logback-user] Logback not rolling

Steve Cohen scohen at javactivity.org
Thu Jun 6 00:44:14 CEST 2013

On 06/05/2013 05:32 PM, Steve Cohen wrote:
> I did see the the "rename error" message from logback in the console
> window in the environment I do have access to.
> It seems that the main logfile needs to have permissions of full rights
> for all users if multiple users are going to run the program, in order
> for this to work.  Ironically, I have even found that an adminstrative
> user, who has the rights to delete or rename this file in Windows
> Explorer, even if he is not its "owner", does NOT have sufficient rights
> to rename it when running the application (part of the logback rollover
> process) if he is not its owner.  Why would he be allowed to rename a
> file he doesn't own in the gui but not in java?   Is this a bug in how
> logback (or java) performs the rename operation?

I think I've found my answer.  It's at

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