[logback-user] Simplest Java sample; Simplest logback.xml; what no logfile

Ajaykumar Ashokkumar Lavhade Ajaykumar_Lavhade at infosys.com
Thu Jun 27 06:11:16 CEST 2013

Make sure the logback.xml configuration file is in the classpath src/main/resources.

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Rhanks dir a quick response.

I started on eclipse; but as I started to strip down the complexity, I moved to command line, removed ANT, other files etc.  the result - running the program  on the cmd window, and console output of the messages which I have included in the single java file (attached-3messages).
Nothing else, no errors, and no message regarding 'file log back.xml not found', or invalid syntax, or exception trace ...  nothing.  Plain successful execution of program with console logging as if logback.xml doesn't exist!


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Hi Kundan,

As per your logback.xml settings logFile.log will get created in your project directory. If you are using eclipse and you are not able to view your logFile.log in your project directory then please do refresh it.
If this doesn't work then post the entire message you gets on console.


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Just  noticed some syntax errors in logback.xml, as I was meddling with it, trying different things.

But as mentioned in previous post, it doesn't matter because the logback.xml file is simply 'not read in' when the Java class is executed.

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