[logback-user] Variable substitution for logger name?

Mark.Boatman at securian.com Mark.Boatman at securian.com
Fri Mar 1 16:43:48 CET 2013

Is it possible to use variable substitution with the <logger name>?

Here is my configuration xml.  Everything works EXCEPT this:  <logger name
=${appLoggerPrefix} level="INFO">

Is that not allowed?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

<configuration debug="true">
        <property resource=
"com/minnesotamutual/corp/compliance/end/config/app.properties" />
        <property name="LOGS_PATH" value=
"${com.minnesotamutual.appLogs}/${appName}/" />
        <property name="SPRING_LOG_BASE_FILENAME" value=
"${appName}-spring" />
        <property name="APP_LOG_BASE_FILENAME" value="${appName}-app" />
        <appender name="SpringLogFileAppender" class=
                <rollingPolicy class=
                        <pattern>%date [%level] at line %line in 
%class[%method]: %msg%n</pattern> 
        <appender name="AppLogFileAppender" class=
                <rollingPolicy class=
                        <pattern>%date [%level]: %msg%n</pattern> 
        <logger name=${appLoggerPrefix} level="INFO">
                <appender-ref ref="AppLogFileAppender" />
        <logger name="org.springframework" level="INFO">
                <appender-ref ref="SpringLogFileAppender" />
        <root level="INFO">

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