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Tony Trinh tony19 at gmail.com
Fri May 3 07:56:55 CEST 2013

Hi Jonas,

In your logback.xml, the <fileNamePattern> should specify an absolute path
where your application has write permissions, or else it will assume the
root directory is the parent directory of the destination file (which is
unlikely to be writeable). If you want the rollover files to be in the same
directory as your active log file, prefix the <fileNamePattern> with the
same leading path you gave in <file>.

In the following example (based on your original logback.xml), the log
rolls every second in the same directory as the active file. I successfully
tested this with an Android app that logged a message every 400ms.

<appender name="filelog"
 <pattern>%d{HH:mm:ss.SSS} [%thread] %-5level %logger{36} - %msg%n</pattern>

<rollingPolicy class="ch.qos.logback.core.rolling.TimeBasedRollingPolicy">
 <!-- daily rollover -->
 <!-- keep 30 days' worth of history -->

For future reference, you can troubleshoot rollover issues by turning on
debugging with the "debug" attribute for <configuration>:

    <configuration debug="true">

OR run this command from an Android terminal (e.g., via adb shell), and
restart your app:

    $ setprop logback.debug true

When debugging is enabled, the rollover is verbose, as seen in logcat (this
is the output with your original logback.xml):

05-03 05:25:43.428: I/com.example.MainActivity(1567): hello world
05-03 05:25:43.830: I/com.example.MainActivity(1567): hello world
05-03 05:25:44.226: I/com.example.MainActivity(1567): hello world
05-03 05:25:44.236: I/System.out(1567): 05:25:44,235 |-INFO in
c.q.l.core.rolling.DefaultTimeBasedFileNamingAndTriggeringPolicy - Elapsed
period: Fri May 03 05:25:43 GMT 2013
05-03 05:25:44.246: I/System.out(1567): 05:25:44,243 |-INFO in
c.q.l.co.rolling.helper.RenameUtil - Renaming file
[/sdcard/logback/log.log] to [log.05-25-43.log]
05-03 05:25:44.246: I/System.out(1567): 05:25:44,251 |-WARN in
c.q.l.co.rolling.helper.RenameUtil - Failed to rename file
[/sdcard/logback/log.log] to [log.05-25-43.log].
05-03 05:25:44.266: I/System.out(1567): 05:25:44,259 |-WARN in
c.q.l.co.rolling.helper.RenameUtil - Please consider leaving the [file]
option of RollingFileAppender empty.
05-03 05:25:44.266: I/System.out(1567): 05:25:44,267 |-WARN in
c.q.l.co.rolling.helper.RenameUtil - See also

Hope that helps,

On Thu, May 2, 2013 at 1:04 AM, Jonas Schmid <jonas.schmid at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi there,
> I am trying to use the time based rolling configuration for my android app.
> I got my configuration from the doc (
> http://logback.qos.ch/manual/appenders.html#TimeBasedRollingPolicy) but
> it does not seem to work on my app.
> Please find enclosed my config file.
> The file does not roll and everything goes to log.log.
> To try it out I changed the date on my phone. I took care of killing the
> app before doing so.
> I also set the time to 23h59 then launched my app and waited, but it did
> not work either.
> What did I do wrong?
> Thanks
> Jonas
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