[logback-user] Does Logback remove ANSI codes from messages? - 1.0.9

Howard Lewis Ship hlship at gmail.com
Mon Oct 21 20:53:19 CEST 2013

I'm using Logback 1.0.9.

I've been doing a bit of work to make use of ANSI graphics renditions in
the text I'm outputting; what I'm seeing is that when the ANSI-enhanced
text passes through Logback, the ANSI formatting is stripped out.

[image: Inline image 1]

As you can see in the above snapshot; if I print the text to System.out,
the ANSI codes (to make some of the text red) are honored.

When the same string is passed to Logback, the ANSI does not appear.

I did a look through the Logback code and could not find anything that
would explain this. Perhaps I missed it, or missed something in the JDK

In any case, what I'd like is to be able to see the ANSI-enhanced text in
the console, when the output is triggered by Logback.

Howard M. Lewis Ship

Creator of Apache Tapestry

The source for Tapestry training, mentoring and support. Contact me to
learn how I can get you up and productive in Tapestry fast!

(971) 678-5210
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