[logback-user] getting a null logger level

gaston sponer gaston.sponer at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 30 17:04:47 CET 2013

I'm getting a null logger level  when I change the level of the logger from Logback.xml:
 Logger logger = (Logger) LoggerFactory.getLogger(event.getLoggerName()); logger.getLevel(); ----> getLevel == null.

First time i run my app logger.getLevel() I get a successful "INFO"
Logback.xml:	<logger name="com.HomePageAction" level="INFO" />
but when i change it to "debug" and redeploy my app, logger.level is null.
Logback.xml:	<logger name="com.HomePageAction" level="DEBUG" />

Any idea what could be wrong here ?
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