[logback-user] Lilith 0.9.44 has been released!

Jörn Huxhorn jhuxhorn at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 21 19:43:57 CEST 2014

This release brings huge improvements to the usage of conditions. Take a look
at "Focus" and "Exclude" in the popup and "Search" menu.

Remember that you can save conditions using Cmd/Ctrl-I. Those will show up in
the "Saved conditions" section of "Focus" and "Exclude".

It will also most likely be the last Java 5 compatible version.
Development will continue on Java 8.

- The table of the view will now always receive the focus if the selected
  view changes.
- Added alternative behavior for Focus/Exclude actions.
  By default, those actions are replacing the current views filter,
  if available, with the new combined filter.
  Hold shift to create a new view instead.
- Status text is now properly updated in case of a replaced filter.
- Renamed "Named" in the find combo to "Saved".
- Renamed "Add condition..." to "Save condition..." and moved it from
  the "View" to the "Search" menu. Also added it to the popup menu.
- Significantly enhanced tooltips of various condition-related components.
  They now show a pretty-printed string representation of the condition.
- Enhanced "Focus" and "Exclude" popup menus.
- Added corresponding "Focus" and "Exclude" menus to the "Search" menu.
- Added two Substance look&feels to the mix.
- Status text of main window is now properly updated on change of
  white/blacklisted list name.
- Enhanced profiling output of TracingAspect.
- Fixed of-by-one error in message renderer [+x lines]. Again.
- servlet-api dependency of de.huxhorn.lilith.logback.servlet is now
- Added "Paste StackTraceElement" (Cmd-shift V) which opens the respective
  source code in the IDE, if a proper plugin is installed.
- ClassicLilithEncoder is now Encoder<ILoggingEvent> instead of
- Fixed suppressed handling while parsing Throwables.
  This is also a partial workaround for LOGBACK-328.
- Added fishing-for-compliments technology.
- Groovy 2.2.2, Logback 1.1.2, SLF4J 1.7.7, Jackson 2.3.3, log4j2 2.0-beta9,
  rrd4j 2.2, aspectj 1.8.0, flying-saucer 9.0.4, Spring 4.0.2, macify 1.6,
  httpcore 4.3.2, httpclient 4.3.3, JCommander 1.35, servlet-api 3.0.1,
  jgoodies-looks 2.5.3, commons-lang3 3.3.2

Known Issues:
- Lilith is built with log4j2 2.0-beta9 and won't work with log4j2 2.0-rc1.
  The reason for this is that SocketAppender isn't working properly in that
  See LOG4J2-542.
- HTML tooltips are not working with the native Mac OS X menu bar so some
  tooltips, especially the nice condition tooltips, will look garbled. Use a
  different look&feel to circumvent this problem.
  Unfortunately, I can't do anything about it.
- Flying Saucer related issues:
  - Selection in the HTML view is currently somewhat buggy, especially in
    case of scaled view.
  - The first line of the message in HTML view is not properly indented if
    it starts with whitespace. You can see this effect by examining the event
    created by LogPinupLargeRunnable (executed via "Log ASCII").
    The HTML created is actually correct.
  - Jumping to anchors is currently not supported so the navigation in help
    and details view isn't as good as it could be.
- Lilith may hang during startup while creating the preferences dialog.
  Just restart Lilith in that rare case.
  This is caused by Java bug #6995182 and I can't do anything about it.
  Sorry about it.
  It's a stupid Java-MediaTracker-ColorChooser-Bug with no workaround


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