[logback-user] Sending only recent messages with SMTPAppender

Matthieu Desmons mdesmons at gresham-computing.com
Fri Dec 12 01:07:10 CET 2014


The SMTPAppender can be configured to send only the latest X messages thanks to the BufferSize parameter.
But is there a way to filter messages so that it sends only the latest X messages emitted within say 1 hour?

This way, if an ERROR message happens, the email will only contain potential events that happened just recently.

I read the doc, don't think Filters or Evaluators will do it. As far as I can see my only option would be to develop my own CyclicBufferTracker and configure the SMTPAppender to use it, but I was wondering if:

a)      There's an easier way to do this?

b)      If there's no other way, would developing my own  CyclicBufferTracker work?


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