[logback-user] Recognize OSGi bundle resource in ConfigurationWatchList.convertToFile

Ashwin Jha ajha.dev at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 18:53:29 CEST 2014


The current implementation of ConfigurationWatchList.convertToFile returns
null when the URL type is not file.
Due to this automatic reloading on change of configuration does not work in
OSGi bundles.

This problem occurs even if you use a fragment. As in any case, the
logback.xml file will be recognized as
bundleresource type and not as file type. This is necessary as the
logback.xml config file is recognized during
the start up time. So, it creates confusion as the file is found first time
around and then the reloading does not
occur. And, this is not mentioned in the documentation either. Given that
logback has a p2 repository for OSGi
support, IMHO this feature is a must.

BTW I would love to contribute this feature.

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