[logback-user] ServiceLoader-like initialization for logback

Adam Gent adam.gent at snaphop.com
Wed Mar 12 00:42:06 CET 2014

For logback I have always wanted to have better control over the automatic

That is I wish the automatic init followed something more similar to the
ServiceLoader in Java:

That is a resource should be used to point to what code should do the
initialization instead of having to use system properties or hijacking the
already loaded config.
Basically I want the auto configuration to load some Java code before it
does the default which according to the manual is first load
logback.groovy, then logback.xml, etc.

I original asked this question on StackOverflow but after reading the
documentation I think its a missing feature so I decided w/ the mailing
list (apologies for crossposting).


SnapHop (snaphop.com)
(twitter) @agentgt (linkedin) http://www.linkedin.com/in/agentgt (cell)
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