[logback-user] logback-access %b pattern output is weird

박상욱 psu1025 at naver.com
Thu Jun 4 10:16:49 CEST 2015


Hi everyone :)


I use logback-access instead of tomcat
default valve.


Using logback version is 1.1.3. 

I use logback-core-1.1.3.jar,

When use logback-access-1.1.3 at the same
time, tomcat puts error. :(


%b pattern output is so weird.


First, i use class

Pattern is this.



Second, i use class

Pattern is this.

%t	%U	%s	%D	%b


I think they are same.

So, try using same time. But "%b"
pattern output was different.


This is example.

First, Logback.

[02/Jun/2015:20:12:28 +0900]
/test/testLayout.css 200 366 -


Second, Tomcat valve.

[02/Jun/2015:20:12:28 +0900]
/test/testLayout.css 200 367 2769


Logback's output is "-" but
Tomcat is "2769"


I think Tomcat valve's value is correct.

Why they are different?

Please tell your advice.


Best regards,



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