[logback-user] Rolling file appender not working for portal.log in /portal

David Brown david at davidwbrown.name
Tue Feb 23 20:21:56 UTC 2016

Howdy, I looked at the archived email but no way to search.

I am using logback in uportal on two different machines both running the 
uportal server @localhost.

The one machine is using a fresh clone of uportal.

The other machine is my dev box for the company implementation of 

My machine logback is working as expected with the file rolling 

The company dev box is issuing diskspace warnings because portal.log is 
growing unbounded.

There are no .gz files in the /portal directory which leads me to 
believe the rolling file appender is not working.

Inspection of logback.xml provides no clues as to what is wrong.

Any diagnostics or suggestions welcomed.

Kindly regards.

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