[logback-user] getting logback to scale on multitenant app

Jamie jamie at stimulussoft.com
Fri Dec 15 09:30:42 CET 2017


To follow up: I examined the Logback source code in the repo. 
Specifically, the class AsyncAppenderBase 
It appears as if this is a design issue.  To get it to work the way we 
want, Logback code would need to be refactored. Each appender is 
assigned its own worker thread. The worker thread is started when the 
appender is started. I guess the designers of logback hadn't anticipated 
a scenario where many appenders would be used.

public void start() {
         worker.setName("AsyncAppender-Worker-" + getName());


On 2017/12/15 09:37, Jamie wrote:
> David
> Thanks for your consideration. You seem to imply this shouldn't be 
> happening. If so, that's great. The below initAppenders() function is 
> called on startup of the server. Perhaps the way the appenders are 
> being initialized and startedis causing the behavior. Is there an 
> alternative?

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