[logback-user] Anyone has intelligent guesses on what these strange numbers are in the logs

Tanin Na Nakorn tanin47 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 07:07:43 CET 2018

Hi Logback,

Since a few days ago, we start seeing strange numbers showing up in our
logs. Here are the logs:

Nov 19 11:06:42 [redacted] app/web.7: 10111111166611[error] 19:06:42
c.TransactionController - [redacted].
Nov 19 10:50:02 [redacted] app/web.3: 110111001111111111111111016111[warn]
18:50:02 c.BrowseController - [redacted]
Nov 19 06:13:58 [redacted] app/web.2: 1101111111110[warn] 14:13:57
c.TransactionController - [redacted]
Nov 19 05:33:26 [redacted] app/web.4: 111111111111111111001011[error]
13:33:26 c.TransactionController -[redacted]
Nov 19 05:11:32 [redacted] app/web.3: 1111111111111111011[warn] 13:11:32
c.TransactionController - [redacted]
Nov 19 04:42:30 [redacted] app/web.8: 01111111110111111110110[error]
12:42:30 c.TransactionController - [redacted]
Nov 19 03:26:09 [redacted] app/web.4: 11011111006660000[error] 11:26:09
c.TransactionController - [redacted]

The numbers consists of 0, 1, and 6s. I have no idea what they are.

My app is a Playframework 2.6 deployed on Heroku. The logs are sent to
Papertrails. It seems these numbers show up since Heroku, so we can rule
out Papertrails. Heroku also have no idea what they are.

Running the app locally doesn't have this strange number issue.

Here's my question on Stackoverflow:
(there's my log config in the post, but I don't think it's related).

Thank you,
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