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Subject: About FileAppender in Logback

Dear Logback Team;

Have a problem with logback .
Have a logback.xml file find it below. Each thread has a single log file. However, cant recognize file is done or thread is done with looking the file. File is not locked or something (tried to lock the file by extending fileappender but cant succeed) . I don't would like to write a code to get content of file which I mean, dont wanna write a some symbol to find out file is done. I have been searching it for 3 months :) I hope you help me. Many thanks.

<appender name="SIFT" class="XXXXX.SiftingAppender">
        <appender name="FILE-${fileLocation}" class="ch.qos.logback.core.FileAppender">

I just would like to change extension when thread is done .log to .xml, or lock the file while end of the thread, or move the file end of the thread.

Many many thanks.

Have a nice day,

Q on StackOverFlow : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58434943/why-fileappender-is-not-locking-the-file


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