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陌路人 h5ru at qq.com
Thu Jun 18 08:33:42 CEST 2020

The max index can not greater than 20, hardcode, in FixedWindowRollingPolicy.java

     * It's almost always a bad idea to have a large window size, say over 20.
    private static int MAX_WINDOW_SIZE = 20;

Mike(Yu, Chong-Chao)


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does '200KB' is effective? every file part size is '200KB'?

Joud Kassem <joud.kassem79 at gmail.com> 于2020年6月17日周三 下午7:57写道:

Hi all,

I have my rollingFileAppender configured as follows:

appender("myAppender", RollingFileAppender) {
        file = "${logDir}/myApp.log"
        encoder(PatternLayoutEncoder) {
            charset = Charset.forName('UTF-8')
            pattern = log_pattern
        rollingPolicy(FixedWindowRollingPolicy) {
            fileNamePattern = "${logDir}/myApp%i.log"
            minIndex = 1
            maxIndex = 24
        triggeringPolicy(SizeBasedTriggeringPolicy) {
            maxFileSize = FileSize.valueOf("200KB")      

I had first the maxIndex = 20, i modified it to 24 and I'm testing. As I see the number of logs are 21 and rotating while it should be 24! I tested it a lot and still the same issue. Anybody has this issue before or knows why this is happening?

Thanks in advance,

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