[logback-user] Async File Appender stopped working since 1.3.0-alpha13

c.ahlers at gmx.net c.ahlers at gmx.net
Fri Feb 11 02:03:27 CET 2022

Since 1.3.0-alpha13, my AsyncAppender referencing a FileAppender stopped
working. It works in 1.3.0-alpha12 and before.

Using the FileAppender directly still works, so the issue is the

The problem is that it does not write anything to the file when it should
have written 23 lines to the log file.

My configuration is straight forward:


I use it in combination with slf4j 2.0.0-alpha6 in a JDK 17 project that
does not use any frameworks.

I have tried the current snapshot of alpha14, but my issue is still present.

Are there migrations necessary that were not announced in the news post or
is this a bug?

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