[logback-user] Any way to tersely override portions of an included logback file?

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Thu Jun 8 19:49:10 CEST 2023

I posted this question to StackOverflow:

And I had posted a similar question several months ago. I didn't get a
response to the original query, and I have a feeling I won't get one on the
new query.

Basically, I have a few hundred services that have a "logback.xml" file
that includes a "baselogback.xml" file that is defined in a common place.
That "baselogback.xml" defines an appender and an encoder in that appender,
and inside that encoder, it defines a "stackTrace" element that constrains
the size of the stacktrace in logs.

I'm trying to determine reasonable options for overriding those settings in
the "logback.xml" of the service itself. I'd prefer options that don't
require me to simply copy the entire appender definition from the base and
paste it into the service's logback.xml and then modify it.  At this point,
there are only specific settings I want to override.

Another not ideal option is providing multiple "baselogback.xml" files in
the same common location (with slightly different names, obviously) which
represent commonly requested variations, like
"baselogback.fullstacktrace.xml", and have the service's logback.xml
include that one instead.  That still requires copying code and having to
maintain two copies, but at least it's still in a common place, and not
littered in all the services.

Any other reasonable ideas that can make this flexible without a lot of
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