[logback-user] JsonEncoder

Bruno Ballekens bruno.ballekens at waylay.io
Tue Jun 20 20:46:40 CEST 2023


i like very much the JsonEncoder that you've added to 1.4.8.
Previously we worked with
ch.qos.logback.contrib.jackson.JacksonJsonFormatter, but great to see it
now natively supported.

However, i've stumbled upon the fact that it does not put the "formatted
message" in the json payload. It puts the message and the argument array.
Some of the libs we use, dolog using the message format based methods,
which now look strange in our log aggregation system (sometimes we even see
{} as the message with then the actual message as the single member of the
argument array).

I checked the code of the JsonEncoder and do not see any configuration
based way of having the formatted in the json payload (preferably with the
"message" key).
Do you foresee something like this in the future ?
Or do we need to subclass the JsonEncoder ?

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