[logback-user] Question regarding Logback 1.3.6 issue in supporting Jetty 10.0.15 request/access log

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Tue May 23 09:19:30 CEST 2023

Dear Logback team,

This is Wenbin from OpenText. Hope this Email finds you well.

As we are using Logback for our logging system. It was working perfectly before our latest upgrade from Jetty 9.4 to Jetty 10.0.15. For this upgrade, we upgraded Logback into compatible version 1.3.6. But we encountered one issue around Jetty request log, which did NOT log anything.
We configured the logback as proposed to add the following part in jetty.xml. and configured well the logback-access.xml as before while using Jetty 9.4
    <Set name="requestLog">
         <New class="ch.qos.logback.access.jetty.RequestLogImpl" id="LogbackAccess">
           <Set name="fileName">../jetty/resources/logback-access.xml</Set>

Would you help to advise? Is there any known issue in supporting Jetty 10.0.15 request/access log in logback 1.3.6?

Looking forward to your early reply and thanks in advance!

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