[logback-user] Help with FileName and FilePAttern syntax:

Aniruddha Shevade ashevade at gmail.com
Thu Feb 29 17:57:47 UTC 2024

 I am trying to migrate from log4j2 to logback. I am trying to find
equivalent syntax for filename and filepatterns in this case

<RollingFile name="myLOg"
*fileName="/log/${env1}-{{*myEnv|||@mydir@*}}-app.log"*  .../>

When i use something like this I get an exception saying invalid Repition.
I m not sure what the above code was intended to do.

1. How can i convert this fileName to a valid one in logback ?
2. I do understand it will resolve ${env1} properly from environment
variables. The "myENv" is being defined in a .properties file being loaded
by the application. I have seens examples in logback.xml like

<RollingFile name="myLOg" *fileName="/log/${env1}-:[myEnv]-app.log"*  .../>

what* does the :[myEnv] do here ? Would it resolve to a property set in a .*
properties* file?*

*ALso not sure what the @ symbol means in the log4j, and if it has any
equivalent here?*

thanks for any pointers

Best Regards
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