[logback-user] ContextSelector and getLogger

Martin Burchard martin.burchard at pentos.com
Thu Mar 5 15:26:41 CET 2009


I currently try to get SLF4J and Logback to work on IBM Lotus Domino Server
It's working.
We need to do logging an a per Thread basis because we log into a Domino
database. The Java object of a Domino database is based on a session object,
and that can not exist over more then one thread.
Okay, I created a simple ContextSelector:

package de.pentos.domino.logging;

import java.util.Arrays;
import java.util.List;

import ch.qos.logback.classic.LoggerContext;

 * @author Martin Burchard
public class ContextSelector implements
    ch.qos.logback.classic.selector.ContextSelector {

	private final LoggerContext defaultContext;
	private static final ThreadLocal<LoggerContext> threadLocal = new

	public ContextSelector(final LoggerContext context) {
		defaultContext = context;

	public LoggerContext detachLoggerContext(final String loggerContextName) {
		return getLoggerContext();

	public List<String> getContextNames() {
		return Arrays.asList(getLoggerContext().getName());

	public LoggerContext getDefaultLoggerContext() {
		return defaultContext;

	public LoggerContext getLoggerContext() {
		LoggerContext lc = threadLocal.get();
		if (lc == null) {
			threadLocal.set(new LoggerContext());
		return threadLocal.get();

	public LoggerContext getLoggerContext(final String name) {
		if (getLoggerContext().getName().equals(name)) {
			return getLoggerContext();
		return null;


As long as all Loggers are used like this:

private Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(DemoWebService.class);

everything works fine, I get my logging.

But also this is a common way to get my Logger:

private static final Logger log =

Because for WebServices and Servlets the VM is not terminated and these
Logger Instance will live a long time without ever get refreshed.
After the first run I don't see logging any more.

How can I deal with external JARs like Apache HTTP Client and other that
instantiate the loggers in a static way?

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