[logback-dev] RFC: LoggingEvent redesign

Thorbjoern Ravn Andersen ravn at runjva.com
Tue Feb 24 09:33:29 CET 2009

Joern Huxhorn skrev:
> XML encoding *is* significantly slower, especially because gzipping 
> isn't just an option but a must if you take a look at the increase of 
> size in case of XML.
The sole reason for compressing is because the network connection is too 
slow.  Does that hold here?

It would be nice if the server allowed for both compressed and 
uncompressed transparently.  Also gzipping is rather slowish :)

> Concerning immutability, I seriously fail to see any advantage of 
> immutable data objects because the immutability can be circumvented 
> anyway.
In my world immutability deals with that you cannot CHANGE a current 
object, but you can create a new object based on an old one.  It gives a 
different mindset.

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