[logback-dev] RFC: LoggingEvent redesign

Ceki Gulcu ceki at qos.ch
Wed Feb 25 19:33:46 CET 2009

Hello all,

Revision 2170, even if many classes were affected, is conceptually a minor 
refactoring of the LoggingEvent class. LoggingEvent class now is an 
implementation of the ILoggingEvent interface shown below:

public interface ILoggingEvent extends SDOAware {

   public String getThreadName();
   public Level getLevel();
   public String getMessage();
   public LoggerRemoteView getLoggerRemoteView();
   public String getFormattedMessage();
   public Object[] getArgumentArray();
   public ThrowableProxy getThrowableProxy();
   public CallerData[] getCallerData();
   public Marker getMarker();
   public Map<String, String> getMDCPropertyMap();
   public long getTimeStamp();
   public long getContextBirthTime();
   public void prepareForDeferredProcessing();

The getContextBithTime method replaces getStartTime() method in LoggingEvent.

The intent is to separate the concern of serialization from LoggingEvent. 
Serialization code has moved into LoggingEventSDO (SDO=Serializable Data Object).

The SDOAware interface contains a single method:

public interface SDOAware {
   Serializable getSDO();

I would like to continue working until we arrive at a situation where 
LoggingEventSDO better insulated from changes in LoggingEvent or sub-components 
thereof. We are there not there yet. Revision 2170 is just the first step in 
what I hope to be the right direction.

Your comments are welcome.

Ceki Gülcü
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