[logback-dev] GEventEvaluator not started

Markward Schubert markward.schubert at gmail.com
Thu Dec 2 17:17:46 CET 2010


I am experiencing a problem with the GEventEvaluator. After hours of trying
around with different configurations, I could not get this to work. The
Filter was simply ignored. I even tried 1 == 2  as an expression, but it was
happily logging.

Finally I started my project in debugmode and startet stepping around the
logback code.
Now my question:

Is it possible, that GEventEvaluator misses a call to super.start() in it's

EvaluatorFilter in my case returns FilterReply.NEUTRAL in the code-passage
below, as evaluator.isStarted() returns false.

if (!isStarted() || !evaluator.isStarted()) {
      return FilterReply.NEUTRAL;

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