[logback-dev] About LBCORE-224...

Ceki Gulcu ceki at qos.ch
Tue Oct 4 13:37:58 CEST 2011

When run with gradle, the test finishes without exception. When I run 
the lbcore244 project under IntelliJ, then IllegalMonitorStateException 
is thrown. I am using logback version 0.9.30 and junit 4.8.2. I'll try 
with the same version of junit a little later.

On 04.10.2011 11:29, Joern Huxhorn wrote:
> oO
> Ok,
> added the logback-test.xml (but changed file location to build/lbcore224.log)
> Could you please take a look at the output of your log file?
> Mine says ~[zookeeper-3.4.0.jar:3.4.0-1178579] since I built against SVN-rev1178579
> You could replace the two files in lib with your versions and check with them.
> The only other apparent difference is that I use a TemporaryFolder @Rule instead of creating and deleting the directories manually. I also use JUnit 4.10. And Gradle instead of Maven. Other than that..... I have not the faintest idea.
> The other two dependencies are just slf4j-1.6.2 and logback-0.9.30 (see build.gradle). I assumed César was also referring to the released 0.9.30.
> Thanks for having a look at it&  sorry for bothering you. ;)
> Joern.

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