[logback-user] Interest in JDK 1.4 builds?

Arthur Blake blakesys at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 6 21:53:12 CEST 2007

I personally hate having to support such an old JDK version, and I have tried to use the newer JDKs when possible.

That being said, a client of one of my clients is a super large company that can throw their weight around, and they refuse to get off JDK 1.4 for some reason. (perceived stability I guess.) 

I know of another large banking company that has just made the move from JDK 1.3 to 1.4 (no joke.)

It's up to you... but if you maintain active JDK 1.4 compatibility, it can only help to get Logback used by a wider audience.

I also was thinking about using Logback on one of the above projects where I'm stuck on JDK 1.4, and the less support you have for it, the less inclined I would be to go down that route.

The way I approach this on log4jdbc is to actually have two source trees (one for jdk1.4 & jdk 1.5/ jdbc 3 and one for jdk 1.6 & jdk 1.7 / jdbc 4.)
This is a pain, but I can get away with it because it's such a small library.

In my case it's a little bit different, but same principle.  
If I were to suddenly drop support for JDBC 3, maybe I'm wrong, but I think that almost nobody would use log4jdbc, because there is hardly any industry support for JDBC 4 yet at this point.

By the way, "retroweaver" is a new one for me-- is it as good as/the same as the "retrotranslater" that is used for the same purpose?

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Hello all,

Logback includes retro-weaver generated jars for JDK 1.4. However,
there seems to be little interest in these JDK 1.4 jars. Calling
retro-weaver increases logback's build time by a few seconds --
seconds in which we can do more productive things.

So, is there any interest in the JDK 1.4 build of logback? If not, I
intend to remove JDK 1.4 support in logback for the next release.


Ceki Gülcü
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