[logback-user] ContextJNDISelector is only called once

Ingo Siebert ingo.siebert at cas.de
Wed Jan 23 13:58:00 CET 2008


if set logback to JNDI and put all logback and slf4j libs in tomcat6/lib 

If i deploy the same WAR, with a different name and context-name in the 
web.xml, twice, the ContextJNDISelector is only called once.
That results in that the second WAR uses the logback config of the first 

Any idea why ContextJNDISelector is only called once?

The problem is even more serious. If u undeploy the first WAR, the 
JNDI-context is removed. But if i redeploy the first WAR again, i get no 
log messages at all, because ContextJNDISelector isn't called again.

I don't know how to proceed. Any idea?



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