[logback-user] Logging in OSGI Enterprise Applications

Ceki Gulcu listid at qos.ch
Fri Oct 31 15:13:21 CET 2008

Hello ekke,

I have not read your blog series but intend to. However, my immediate knee jerk 
reaction is that, from what I can tell, there is no place where one can access 
the blog series in a *chronological* order.

Towards the end of
there is the header "Blog Series "Logging in OSGI Enterprise Applications" but 
to reach that point I have to go through the 5th entry in series which yields an 
reverse chronological order, which is somewhat confusing.

Is there a page the series is listed/accessible in order?

ekkehard wrote:
> I'm working on an OSGI client/server solution:
> * Equinox as OSGI framework
> * Eclipse Riena for Remote OSGI services, ObjectTransactions, UI
> * EasyBeans as OSGI EJB3 - container
> * Hibernate (JPA)
> * Eclipse RCP
> * SLF4J / LOGBack
> * BusinessProcesses (jBPM) and BusinessRules (Drools)
> * Eclipse (IDE, PDE, P2)
> * Eclipse Modeling (openArchitectureWare, EMF, UML2)
> *...
> just finished part 5 of my blog series
> "Logging in OSGI Enterprise Applications":
> http://ekkes-corner.blogspot.com/2008/10/logging-in-osgi-enterprise-applications_31.html
> Part 1: An overview
> Part 2: How to catch all log events from "classic" logging - frameworks
> Part 3: How to catch all log events from OSGI Log Services
> Part 4: How to start logging bundles the right way inside an OSGI 
> Enterprise application
> Part 5: Configuration, Fragment-Bundles, Markers
> there will be more in the future (Why LOGBack was choosen, Tooling / 
> Eclipse PlugIns / Lilith)
> ... now I'm also starting a NEW blog series
> "HowTo build an Equinox-Riena-EasyBeans-OSGI-Server"
> if you follow this new blog series you'll get an OpenSource OSGI Server 
> combining Riena and EasyBeans under Equinox -
> of course logging done with LOGBack
> ekke
> blog in english: http://ekkes-corner.org
> blog in german:  http://ekkes-ecke.org
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