[logback-user] executing configuration changes

Lars Fischer reschifl at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 24 09:30:53 CET 2011

Hallo Ralph,

thank you for the reply!

2011/1/19 Ralph Goers <rgoers at apache.org>:
> 1. We wrote a servlet filter that inspects the configuration periodically and resets the configuration if the file has changed. When running as a web app this will incur less overhead than the turbo filter.

Good to know, but I need to use different filters per user. I read
about the TurboFilter feature and would give it a try even though it
has a performance impact.

> 2. The architecture of Logback is such that when a reconfigure occurs all the filters and appenders are removed first so it is almost guaranteed that events will be lost during a reconfiguration.  I've been working on Log4J 2.0 which was designed to not have this design defect.

Do I understand it right? It is guaranteed that events will be lost?
Is there no way to prevent this?

I do not need to reconfigure the whole logging context. Only one
TurboFilter has to be added or removed. It's no problem for me, if
some events will be not recognized by this TurboFilter during or short
time after applying the changes. But existing loggers and appenders
must process all events...

Best regards,

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