[logback-user] SyslogAppender for logback access

Ceki Gulcu ceki at qos.ch
Mon Jan 24 16:42:50 CET 2011

Hello Henning,

There is no Syslogappender class in logback-access. I guess there was no 
demand for it so far.


On 24.01.2011 14:59, Henning Juva wrote:
> Hi,
> I've tried to get SyslogAppender to work for our jetty access log with
> no success. The access log is configured correct and writes to a file.
> The syslogappender also works on its own when I log to it from my
> application log. When I add a syslogappender to logback-access.xml
> nothing happens. After debugging logback I see that Syslogappender
> expects an IloggingEvent and not an AccessEvent resulting in a classcast
> exception. I've unsuccessfully tried to implement my own appender
> overriding syslogappender.
> Does anyone have any tips on how to achieve this? Any tip/trick feedback
> would be appreciated even if it's to confirm this is functionality not
> implemented and not easily done.
> Best regards,
> Henning

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