[logback-user] Splitting log files by session

Jürgen Hofmann hofmann at shiphrah.com
Fri Jul 12 13:12:13 CEST 2013


have a look at SiftingAppender. We use it heavily to log communication from different clients to our servers into distinct files. What you want to achieve should be possible by placing your process-identifier into the MDC and let it be handled by the SiftingAppender accordingly.


Am 12.07.2013 13:05, schrieb Andreas Johnsen:
> I am developing an application where I need to make separate log files for each time a certain process is run. This process can have multiple instances at once. Preferably I would like a separate method for these types of logs (like info, warning, trace etc) but I would be okay with simply using trace for these logs. I would still like any error or warning that spawns in this process to be logged to the standard error file (global for entire project). I'm trying to configure logback to do this for me.
> My initial idea was to create my own appender, and somehow figure out which process the log request was coming from, but I ran into a problem actually doing that, since I apparently cannot pass anything useful to the appender in runtime? Or rather I'm not sure how to keep track of and always use the appender that belongs to that particular process.
> I then proceeded to get lost in the vast number of classes and I am now looking at perhaps modifying a RollingPolicy to do my bidding.
> Any ideas or clarifications on this topic would be very welcome.
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