[logback-user] Splitting log files by session

Andreas Johnsen osthekake at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 15:11:20 CEST 2013

This seems to do the trick. Thanks.

On 12 July 2013 13:12, Jürgen Hofmann <hofmann at shiphrah.com> wrote:

> Andreas,
> have a look at SiftingAppender. We use it heavily to log communication
> from different clients to our servers into distinct files. What you want to
> achieve should be possible by placing your process-identifier into the MDC
> and let it be handled by the SiftingAppender accordingly.
> Juergen
> Am 12.07.2013 13:05, schrieb Andreas Johnsen:
> > I am developing an application where I need to make separate log files
> for each time a certain process is run. This process can have multiple
> instances at once. Preferably I would like a separate method for these
> types of logs (like info, warning, trace etc) but I would be okay with
> simply using trace for these logs. I would still like any error or warning
> that spawns in this process to be logged to the standard error file (global
> for entire project). I'm trying to configure logback to do this for me.
> >
> > My initial idea was to create my own appender, and somehow figure out
> which process the log request was coming from, but I ran into a problem
> actually doing that, since I apparently cannot pass anything useful to the
> appender in runtime? Or rather I'm not sure how to keep track of and always
> use the appender that belongs to that particular process.
> >
> > I then proceeded to get lost in the vast number of classes and I am now
> looking at perhaps modifying a RollingPolicy to do my bidding.
> >
> > Any ideas or clarifications on this topic would be very welcome.
> >
> >
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