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MychaL mychal.13 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 17:17:33 CET 2013

Because we have to create a new log dynamically and with MDC discriminator.

I made some search on AppenderFactory but dunno how to use it....

We have all, except the link between SiftingAppender and FileAppender :(

How is framework working to read configuration ? Is it not possible to have    a method to set the parent appender ?

Thank you.

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Le 28 mars 2013 à 14:18, Stuart Rossiter <stuart.p.rossiter at gmail.com> a écrit :

> M. MychaL <mychal.13 at ...> writes:
>> Plz, need help on this subject....Is it possible to attach the fileappender to 
>> the siftingappender exactly as in XML configuration ?Thank you.
> Without having done this, I presume that you need to set up an AppenderFactory 
> (via setAppenderFactory), since that is what will dynamically create the 
> appenders.
> It might be useful if you said why you were trying to do this though. If you're 
> just using MDC discrimination, why not do it in the config file?
> Stuart
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