[logback-user] Suppressing logging for select projects

Mike Sukmanowsky mike at parsely.com
Fri May 9 17:37:51 CEST 2014

Hi there,

We're currently developing project called streamparse which provides
Pythonic tools for realtime stream development using Apache Storm.

Although the project is Python-based, we maintain a command line interface,
written in clojure, to provide JVM/Thrift interop capabilities

A requirement of one of our commands is to write a JSON object
representation to STDOUT which our Python process would read and use
downstream.  The issue we have is that Apache Storm does some logging using
logback upon calling certain functions which interferes with our
expectation of only JSON being written to STDOUT.

$ ./sparsej list --json
607  [main] INFO  backtype.storm.thrift - Connecting to Nimbus at

We added a logback-test.xml to a resources directory which is packaged with
the JAR
 This isn't exactly what we want though since we really only need logging
suppressed for the commands we run.  What we're finding when our JAR is
packaged with other dependencies is that all logging is suppressed.

How can we go about suppressing logging for a single command like

Thanks! Mike

Mike Sukmanowsky

Product Lead, http://parse.ly
12 W 31st Street
8th floor
New York, NY  10001
p: +1 (416) 953-4248
e: mike at parsely.com
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