[logback-user] How to configure logback to NOT truncate stacktraces?

KARR, DAVID dk068x at att.com
Sat Nov 5 18:15:27 CET 2022

Never mind, this was all right in front of me.  We have a logback include file which configures the LoggingEventCompositeJsonEncoder, which includes a default "stackTrace" element with all the properties I'm concerned about.

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> I maintain a bunch of SpringBoot services that use logback to configure
> logging, and slf4j in the Java code.  Our log messages currently
> truncate stacktraces.
> We're currently using SpringBoot 2.3.12, which pulls in logback-* v1.2.9
> and logstash-logback-encoder v6.1.  We are working on upgrades, but I
> can't change these right now.
> I'd like to be able to configure how much of the stacktrace is
> truncated, and reverse the order of root causes, so the "rootest" one is
> shown first.  I found several wiki pages on the internet that talk about
> how to do this, and they were all vague and ambiguous.  I tried one that
> apparently violated the expected logback schema, so it failed to parse
> it.  How can figure out exactly how to do this with the versions of
> artifacts that I have right now?
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