[logback-user] Multiple files and other issues

Marco Bresciani m.bresciani at email.it
Fri Mar 6 10:44:33 CET 2009

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> Let's start one problem at a time. Here is a simple config file. Try using
> and see how it goes. Will build up from there.


I've created the logback.xml file with some (very minor) modifications from

>      <file>traces/MyApp</file>


and it obviously works... :-) WebEML is the name my product managers chose
for my application... even if it has *nothing* to do with web... long story
(or stupid PMs, as you prefer).

> If you can run the above correctly, we'll add more functionality one step
at a 
> time.

Starting from this, I think that the next step should be the customization
of the file according to application session... then I'll think about levels
and packages "split" on other files.

Thanks again,

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