[logback-user] Release of logback version 1.0.5

ceki ceki at qos.ch
Wed Jun 6 12:06:56 CEST 2012

On 06.06.2012 09:14, Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen wrote:
> Hi Ceki.
> Great to see that you get new versions out the door and that the
> documentation is kept in excellent state.

Thanks Thorbjørn.

> A minor suggestion for improvement:  When new features are added it would be
> really nice to see in the corresponding documentation which version
> (something like "since 1.0.4") it was introduced.  We have legacy
> installations running on older versions like 0.9.17 we occasionally have to
> adjust logging for and looking at the online documentation may be misleading
> if you forget that it only documents the latest version (if I recall
> correctly this happened to me when trying out the timestamps).

When a new feature is introduced, the docs mention since when the
feature is available. In order to keep the docs lighter and easier to
read, after a few years, the "since version X" mention is removed.

> A downloadable bundle of the manual for each release would also be a good
> alternative.

Each logback distribution already includes all the docs under the
docs/ folder. In other words, each distribution already includes a
copy of the logback.qos.ch site minus the translator service.

Did you have something else in mind?

BTW, I am looking for a volunteer to write a short introduction to
logback, say "logback in 10 minutes" [1]. Would you be interested?

[1] http://logback.qos.ch/volunteer.html


> Best regards,
> /Thorbjørn


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