[logback-user] DBAppender with JNDI, JTDS

Stein, Eric steine at locustec.com
Wed Mar 21 20:00:18 CET 2012

Rest assured, I am a novice egg-sucker. At least now I know that the
dialect isn't something I need to worry about.


I figured out the problem. The 'value' here



      <param name="jndiLocation" value="jdbc/MyDatabase" />



needs to be




I don't remember if that's a Tomcat thing or a JTDS thing or some other
thing entirely, but some widget I'm using says that if you define a
datasource as 'jdbc/FOO', it needs to be referenced as


Sorry for the spam!





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> I read a little about SQLDialect, but I appear to be missing the part 

> that shows how to configure it, and there's no dialect for JTDS. Am I 

> up the creek here, or is this possible?


It looks to me that something odd is going on. I assume you're
connecting to the same database in the end, but the DB Appender relies
on either

(a) the JDBC driver supporting the getGeneratedKeys() method, *or*

(b) the JDBC driver one of those listed at
<http://logback.qos.ch/manual/appenders.html#DBAppender>  so the record
that was inserted can be retrieved using a DB specific statement. You
can't specify the dialect - it's detected from the driver class.

[Apologies if the above is teaching you to scuk eggs]


Now, there's no dialect for JTDS, so you have to rely on the

getGeneratedKeys() method. What I don't understand is why it works with
DriverManagerConnectionSource but not JNDIConnectionSource.


This doesn't help; I started writing a more helpful email, but by the
time I finished I realised what I'd started saying was wrong!





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